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Paper Pieced Sewing Machine Accessory Bag August 30, 2012

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A few weeks before we moved to Washington I decided to try paper piecing.  I had heard about it around a year ago and had to Youtube it to figure out what it was, exactly. It seemed like a lot of fun but I never got around to it. My scrap pile was filling up so I searched through my fabrics and found a few pieces I’d liked. One fabric was from a shirt I bought on sale a while back. I decided to make a pattern I found from Sew, Mama, Sew! The pattern was pretty easy and the tutorial is clear in it’s directions.

My first paper piecing!! Juice Glass Block.

After I had so much fun with this one I started searching for paper piecing patterns. I also wanted to make something for a good friend of mine before I left Italy. While I was there I was making bags and purses out of military uniforms. Melissa ordered a few bags from me then decided she wanted  to start sewing, herself! She started making some awesome bags, too, so I didn’t want to make her one like that. I thought I’d make a small bag for sewing machine accessories or makeup or whatever she wanted. I also wanted to use some clear vinyl I’ve had for a while.

I knew I wanted a to make a paper pieced sewing machine but I just couldn’t find one that was cute enough. There was a picture in my head and just kept searching for it. I finally found  it over at Charise Creates. Let me tell you that she has some beautiful PP patterns! They are so creative and she uses the cutest fabrics. I think I want to make them all!

The block I found was actually a pretty large piece with a few different aspects to it. I just wanted to make the sewing machine.

The block was more difficult than I expected but after putting it down and thinking about it for a while I got it!

It turned out pretty good! I made it out of a bandana and some old scraps.

There are some threads showing and the spool of thread is a little off but I think it adds to the character. 😉

It’s just big enough to fit all my sewing accessories! I added a thick black zipper and used a strip of pink for the seams.

I can’t wait to try the whole pattern! She’s made a few variations of it and she also blogged today about one she just made

You can also check out my friend, Jennie’s, first paper piecing here. Have you ever paper pieced?


Wordy Wednesday- Defenestrate August 29, 2012

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Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!!!  Today’s word I came across a few weeks ago on Facebook. A friend had posted something using the word and a bunch of us had to look it up. It was something along the lines of wanting to defenestrate her phone.

Defenestrate \dee-FEN-uh-strayt\ – to throw out of a window.

I’m sure we’ve all felt that way one time or another. Just make sure it’s not a car window.


Tasty Tuesday- Blueberry Spinach Smoothie August 28, 2012

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A few weeks ago my family moved to a city just south of Seattle, Washington, which is my husbands hometown. His sister flew in the next day because that weekend their cousin was getting married. It was the first time my mother in law had her 3 kids together in 5 years. And, at the wedding it was the first time all the grandkids had been together in 12 years! It was very exciting having the whole family there and seeing the many generations.

While my SIL was staying with us she made some really yummy blueberry spinach smoothies! Now, I’m not a blueberry eater and would normally turn down anything with blueberries (probably because I never actually had the real thing), but I decided to try it and it was darn good! I’ve made it a few different ways  but my favorite is with frozen blueberries, tender spinach, coconut water, and a little banana. The color can be a little intimidating because if it doesn’t look dark purple it looks more grey. Not exactly appetizing but if you can look past that and just try it you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t care for coconut water you can use other liquids like Vanilla Soy or Vanilla Almond Milk. I prefer the almond milk over the soy. Either are great, though.

This one, here, we added a little of the local honey, too.

Frozen blueberries and tender spinach.

If I’m making it in a regular sized blender I usually use about 1.5 cups of blueberries, 1cup of coconut water (or whatever you want), and a handful of spinach.

The bullet.

Just blend everything until you desired consistency and enjoy! I made this particular recipe at my mom’s house. She has one of those bullet mixers. It’s perfect for making one serving or for making many different recipes. That way you’re not dirtying too many dishes and you don’t have to rinse it out every time. But, if you’re making on large batch then using a blender would be best. Oh and it’s good to have one of those large straws, too. I found a pack of cheap ones at the store. If you really like sweets then drizzle some honey into the smoothie after your pour it into your glass.  You’ll get a nice surprise chunk of honey every now and then!

This is the best picture I could get that shows the true color of the smoothie. What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes??

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie:

1.5 C frozen blueberries

handful or so of tender or baby spinach

1-1.5 C of Coconut water/Vanilla soy milk/vanilla almond milk

Combine ingredients and blend until desired consistancy.

Other options:


greek yogurt



Circle Zip Earbud Pouch August 27, 2012

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Well, I’ve made a trip across the country from Washington to Florida just in time for Hurricane Isaac. I think it’s just going to miss us and head more toward New Orleans. We are getting a few things ready but I think we’re just going to end up having a hurricane party. So, since I don’t have a sewing machine to use, yet, I’m going to post this old project I made.
Here’s a little project I made a few months ago for a friend. She ordered a purse from me and I wanted to throw in a little something extra. I think I originally found this project on Pinterest.

You can find the tutorial by Dog Under My Desk, here. Unfortunately these are the only pictures I have of the one I made.

I didn’t have any earbuds to stick in here but I wanted to show the size. You could use this as a change pouch, also.

It was a pretty easy quick project. She has clear instructions with lots of pictures. She also has a heart shaped pouch that’s really cute that I’d like to try!

Here’s the bag I made that matches the earbud pouch.


Wordy Wednesday – a day late August 23, 2012

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I’ve seen quite a few blogs that have a Wordless Wednesday. They’ll post a pic with no words for whatever reason or another. I thought I would try a Wordy Wednesday where I’ll post a new word I learned. Yes, today is actually Thursday but I was travelling all day yesterday so it’s a day late. Today I found my word at

The word of the day is: Malleate– to beat into shape with a hammer. My husband malleates the chicken when he makes Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches. But, he doesn’t use a hammer, he uses a mallet or meat tenderizer. 😉 << Easy way to remember the word! (I’ll have to post that recipe some time.)

Apparently spell check does not know this word, because it keeps underlining it. I’d like to find an app for my phone so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave them here! Or maybe I’ll just ask my friend, Clark, every Wednesday for a new word. I’m always having to look up words that he uses. 😉 Also, have you ever noticed that sometimes when you learn a new word you will keep hearing it around? I wonder if that will happen with malleate? We’ll see!

Have you learned any new words lately?


French Press Cozie August 22, 2012

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Here’s the quick craft I was telling you about earlier! It’s a French Press Cozie.


Isn’t it cute? I got the idea off Pinterest here. All I did was sew strips of fabric together, add some Insul- Bright and backing.
I sewed it pillowcase style, flipped it out and then quilted it.


I wanted it to fit between the green on the top and the bottom but I didn’t consider how much it would shrink in the dryer. Next time I’ll make it a tad bigger.

These are some of the items going in the gift basket. I bought enough fabric to make some dishtowels but I just didn’t have time before I left to get it done.



Quick Craft

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I just ran to the craft store and bought some fabric. There’s something I’d like to make before I leave for Florida so I hope it goes smoothly! Here’s the fabric I picked out.


This project will be for a gift basket my MIL and I are making for the Poker Run to benefit the SIDS foundation.

I better get to work!!


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