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Wordy Wednesday – a day late August 23, 2012

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I’ve seen quite a few blogs that have a Wordless Wednesday. They’ll post a pic with no words for whatever reason or another. I thought I would try a Wordy Wednesday where I’ll post a new word I learned. Yes, today is actually Thursday but I was travelling all day yesterday so it’s a day late. Today I found my word at

The word of the day is: Malleate– to beat into shape with a hammer. My husband malleates the chicken when he makes Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches. But, he doesn’t use a hammer, he uses a mallet or meat tenderizer. 😉 << Easy way to remember the word! (I’ll have to post that recipe some time.)

Apparently spell check does not know this word, because it keeps underlining it. I’d like to find an app for my phone so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave them here! Or maybe I’ll just ask my friend, Clark, every Wednesday for a new word. I’m always having to look up words that he uses. 😉 Also, have you ever noticed that sometimes when you learn a new word you will keep hearing it around? I wonder if that will happen with malleate? We’ll see!

Have you learned any new words lately?


One Response to “Wordy Wednesday – a day late”

  1. i get a word a day from…starts my day…and yes i either hear it again or see it in action

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