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Circle Zip Earbud Pouch August 27, 2012

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Well, I’ve made a trip across the country from Washington to Florida just in time for Hurricane Isaac. I think it’s just going to miss us and head more toward New Orleans. We are getting a few things ready but I think we’re just going to end up having a hurricane party. So, since I don’t have a sewing machine to use, yet, I’m going to post this old project I made.
Here’s a little project I made a few months ago for a friend. She ordered a purse from me and I wanted to throw in a little something extra. I think I originally found this project on Pinterest.

You can find the tutorial by Dog Under My Desk, here. Unfortunately these are the only pictures I have of the one I made.

I didn’t have any earbuds to stick in here but I wanted to show the size. You could use this as a change pouch, also.

It was a pretty easy quick project. She has clear instructions with lots of pictures. She also has a heart shaped pouch that’s really cute that I’d like to try!

Here’s the bag I made that matches the earbud pouch.


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