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I see improvement! -Quilts for Kids November 12, 2012

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I finished my QFK quilt yesterday! I really impressed myself on how well it turned out. Big thanks to Jennie for introducing me to quilt basting spray.  Boy did that help! I’m not sure how the rest of you start off your quilting but what I did the last 3 times was quilt directly down the middle  and then across.  Then I quilted each of those sections in half. Make sense?

After that was done I decided I was going to quilt it a little differently this time. I’ve noticed that I really like A LOT of quilting. So, I decided to do a spiral design on the full blocks and then a stripes on the 4 block squares. The thin border has thin quilting strips. For the outside border I decided to go a little crazy and try my hand hat free motion quilting. With the little planets as my guide, I started sewing little circles.  After a while I got the hang of it and realized it didn’t have to be perfect to look good.

It was pretty time consuming so I broke it up into two days. After I was done I realized that it would have been really cool to follow the galaxy design on the back. Eh, oh well. Now that I know I can do the free motion quilting I’ll have to remember it for next time.

This time I decided to bind the edges of the quilt. I had left over fabric  from the back that was just enough to use around the edges. I tried out a different technique that I found on Pinterest and I really liked it. You can check it out here.

If you haven’t made a quilt for Quilts for Kids, yet, you really should! It’s a fun way to get some practice especially if you’re on a budget, like me. The kit is sent to you precut ( you can see this one here) so all you have to do is sew and a small amount of cutting when you’re piecing it together. The only thing you’ll need to purchase is the batting and pay to send it back.


Quilts for Kids August 20, 2012

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Have you heard about the organization Quilts for Kids? It’s an organization that provides quilts for children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. There are different ways you can help and volunteer.

  • You can request a free kit, which will be sent to you, you put the quilt together and send it back.
  • You can contact your local chapter to see how you can help or request a quilt kit from them so you know your quilt is going to children locally.
  • Donate “new” unused fabric to headquarters or to your local QFK chapter.
  • If you don’t sew but would still like to help, you can make a financial donation which goes towards shipping quilts to children across the country.
  • Spread the word about QFK! They are always in need of fabric, funding and quilters!

This is what the kit looked like when I received it.

The kit.

I finished up my second quilt yesterday. Well, actually it was the first quilt top I’ve sewn, but, I got frustrated when I attached the batting wrong and set it aside while I started this baby quilt.

Finished, washed and dried.

After washing it it’s hard to see all the little mistakes!

The quilting on this one turned out better than the baby quilt. It’s not perfect but definitely better. The back piece didn’t pull as much when I was quilting around the borders. There were still some tucks in the quilt top but after washing it I was having a hard time finding them.

Hope to make some little boy very happy!

You even get to sign the tag! Should have used a fabric marker instead of permanent marker. Then maybe it wouldn’t have bled.

I finished this just in time to mail it before we leave for our Florida vacation. I already have more quilt ideas in mind for when I get back. My husband has been wanting me to make a quilt out of his Crown Royal bags. He has a ton! But, they are with our household goods so that will have to wait. Before I moved to Italy I left a quilt with my aunt to see if she could fix it. It’s old and very comfy but it was coming apart. So, that might still be on the list of things to do. Hopefully she knows where it is!


I found out today that I need more practice quilting. August 19, 2012

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……Or, I really need a walking foot. There was one with my Viking but I can’t find it. So, I’ll be checking out ebay to find one. I thought quilting the blanket was going to be the easy part. Boy, was I wrong! It’s hard to keep the fabric underneath straight and keep it from puckering. It’ll just take some practice, I’m sure. I’m not giving up, yet! Even though this baby quilt isn’t perfect I still love it. It’s my first piece and it’s for someone very special!

After I get this quilting thing down I’ll look back and know exactly what I did wrong. There are a bunch of pictures and most of them I’m going to save for a “What Not to Do” post. This square is called the Arkansas Cross Roads and I believe this is the alternate setting. At the bottom of that link there is another link for coloring pages so you can get an idea of how you want your color pattern to go. I’m not sure if that’s something that is normally given out with patterns but I thought it was pretty cool. I chose to do a sort-of random pattern of colored squares and left the background white. The pink and brown fabric is called Melodies by Exclusively Quilters. Here’s a look at the finished product. Once again, sorry for the crappy pictures.

Finished quilt after being washed.

Washing it really helped hide a lot of the flaws. Most people probably wouldn’t notice but if you’re a sewer, you definitely will! lol

Baby blanket

Laid out after washing and drying.

When I originally got the brown and pink fabric it came in a 8 fat quarters. Since, I didn’t get large piece for the back I just ran up to my local fabric store and found this one.

Have you made a quilt before? How did your first one turn out? Feel free to share some tips!!


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